Best badminton racquets for smashing

Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing!

If you’ve been playing badminton for a while now, you’d start to become conscious of your preference when it comes to a certain style of play. There are 3 basic patterns players usually follow: the fast and aggressive style, the quick and deceptive style and finally the straight-forward defence style.

If attacking is your forte in the field, here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best badminton racquet for smashing.

It’s hard to know which one is right for you since there are many factors related to what makes a badminton racquet good for power smashes. The major manufacturers in the market each have quite a few models with such complex yet similar specifications that it’s often difficult to tell how one differs from the next.

In this section, we will discuss the right combination of features best suited for badminton racquets for smashing and talk about how important they are in terms of overall performance.

A good powerful racquet can get expensive, so you need to be well informed on the matter before you make a decision.

Here are our best picks for Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing


·Yonex Duora Z Strike- Offensive racquet especially made to boost power. A definitely good choice for single players and net shots. The racquet comes in both, custom-stringed or unstrung as per your choice.


·Yonex Voltric 2017- Its tri-voltage system gives maximum energy transfer and ease of handling. It comes pre-strung with good high-tension strings.


· Yonex Voltric Z Force II – is a POWER racquet. It’s rigid and features an exclusive thin shaft that generates massive power. This type of racquet is for the rear-end players who seeks for maximum power in their game.


·  Yonex Nanoray 70 DX- Gives you the feel of a professional with being overtly pricey. Suited for advanced players, this racquet can hold very high string tension, up to 30lbs which could deliver very powerful shots.

Reviews of the Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing

Yonex Duora Z Strike

The Yonex Duora Z Strike a brand new release in the market. Its backhand shape gives a sharp and more responsive feel and on the forehand, it features a box frame which gives a solid feel and more power.


The racquet shaft is very thin giving you stiffer flex, which increases repulsion manoeuvrability on the speed shots and quick response on the defence ideal for net shots and tap kills. It has the power of the smash and control of the racquet.

Players can feel the whip from the aero-dynamic frame which greatly reduces air resistance and power from high string tension serves powerful shots. It’s highly recommended for advanced level aggressive backhand players.


The balance point is tipped towards head-heavy, so players will get maximum power with less physical strength. So if you are playing long hours, there will be less duress on your shoulders and wrist.


The only downside is the high string tension greatly decreases durability since excessive strength may cause the strings to break on repeated powerful shots.



ü  Power

ü  Good Repulsion

ü  Quick response

ü  Less physical fatigue

ü  Good string tension


Ø  Less Durability


Yonex Voltric 2017

The Yonex Voltric 2017 is the newest release in the Voltric series having a weight of about 83-85 grams and its balance point leaning towards the head for generating powerful smashes. It comes with a full length cover as well.


Usually, the extra weight of a head heavy racquet frame increases power while reducing manoeuvrability or control from the player. In contrast, a head-light racquet frame increases speed but reduces power. Yonex Voltric 2017 solves this dilemma using their new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM that successfully fuses these opposing characteristics to bring about exceptional power and control.


The TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM positions the Tungsten strings at a 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock in the frame joining at the T-Joint area. The thin Tungsten frame provides density that is 10 times more than graphite, which makes the racquet more aero-dynamic. This makes for very powerful smashes with greater speed.


While the string tension is good (Pre-strung with Yonex BG80 at 25 lbs), the flex of the shaft is medium. This reduces repulsive power of the racquet.


A few customers felt the grip was too thin. Some over-grip purchases may be required which will add extra costs to the already steep price of the racquet.





ü  Power

ü  Speed

ü  Aero-dynamic

ü  Full length cover

ü  Manoeuvrability



Ø  Less repulsive power

Ø  Thin Grip

Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Although a little on the pricey range, the Yonex Voltric z force II is surely a power packed compact beast. The racquet can handle high string tension if you want to get it. The balance of this racquet is heavy head balance which naturally builds for power and efficient energy transfer from your wrist to the shuttle.

With minimal swing, the racquet can serve high and back. For aggressive players this is an incredible advantage, since the opponent won’t be expecting the power packed punch from such a minimal swing. Players can now adopt a hybrid playing style: Deceptive and Aggressive.

The shuttle travels the full length of the court with ease, definitely a good news for those of you who play along the baseline in doubles.

The racquet absorbs shock and impacts very well. A lot of customers were very delighted to feel no vibration discomforts whatsoever.
The improved TRI-VOLTAGE technology makes the shaft extra thin and enhances the mobility of a player by decreasing air-resistance, thus offering easy handling.

Even though the extra stiff flex of the racquet gives excellent repulsive force during serves, one must have decent wrist speed to extract flex from this extra-stiff racquet.


ü  Power

ü  Can handle high tension

ü  Deceptive capabilities

ü  Quick response

ü  Shock absorption

ü  Manoeuvrability




Ø  Expensive

Ø  Requires skilled wrist movements


Yonex Nanoray 70 DX

Unlike the other racquets, which are meant for the more advanced players, this is ideal for intermediate players as well.


The racquet head features an isometric shape, which means increased sweet spot. So anyone developing their target precision now has a better chance with accurate shots.


The aero-frame reduces friction and increases speed, aiding quicker swings.


The flex is stiff, meaning it generates good power when smashing, especially during net plays and drop shots.


The built-in T-joint, that connects the shaft with the head gives the racquet a solid feel during hits and enables it to be extra sturdy and stiff. This is a great advantage for offensive players.


The nanomesh and carbon-nanotube ensures that the badminton racquet remains exceptionally light, without sacrificing to either sturdiness or stiffness.


Since the racquet is head-light, players would need to assert more strength in their swings for maximum energy transfer onto their shuttle which could be physically taxing when playing long hours or singles.


ü  Increased sweet spot

ü  Quick response

ü  Stiff flex

ü  Lightweight

ü  Good shock absorber




Ø  Need to apply more physical strength

Ø  Not ideal for playing singles.


What are some important features of a powerful racquet?

Well, everything almost. But let’s start with:

Racquet Head Weight: The Head is the main part of a racquet. It holds the string bed. Racquet Head weight is a critical parameter. A head heavy racquet will produce more powerful shots. It will hit hard and is much better on comfort rallying without much effort, but at the same time it will be difficult to move racquet fast.


Racquet Head material also plays a crucial role in overall performance of badminton player. Racquet heads made of hard and brittle materials will become stiffer which results in more repulsion but less control, since it will not allow the shuttle to flex on string bed for long. As a concluding remark, this will work out well for a more advanced player who isn’t facing much trouble with target precision and favours hard thrusts.


Badminton String: Racquet sting is the most important element of Badminton racquet.  For powerful smashing, players should look for string beds that will allow maximum energy transfer.


Badminton String endorses properties like repulsion power, Shock Abortion, Shuttle speed, control, accuracy and smash power. An aggressive player should look for more repulsion power to enable the shuttle to be released form string bed more quickly which results into quicker response.


For good smashing, players should also look for thinner strings with a higher tension, for example Yonex BG66 which will provide more force with less effort on your part. Racquet heads with thick strings and lower tension will reduce the repulsion power since force will be spread over a wider area.


Racquet Handle and Shaft: Aggressive smashers generally like stiff shaft since they require fast shot delivery. A stiffer shaft will give extra repulsion power which results into fast shuttle release from string Bed. On the contrary, a more flexible Racquet shaft will give you better control on shuttle and improve accuracy.


Unless you’re a novice, a stiffer racquet will prove to be more useful if accuracy isn’t a big issue during target hitting.


Our best pick of this review would be, Yonex Duora Z Strike as the best badminton racquet for smashing. We especially like this because of its exceptional power transference, quick response and good string tension. It is a great choice for all offensive players out there!


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