Best Shuttlecock Brands

Best Shuttlecock Brands for Badminton Gameplay!

Many badminton players assume the racquet to be the most indispensable weapon of their game, when in reality the shuttlecock plays just as important a part in a match. In order to facilitate a smooth game, here’s a buying guide of some of the best shuttlecock brands for you.

Most traditional badminton players favour feather shuttlecocks as opposed to plastic birdies, without considering their playing style, its cost effectiveness in the long run or which stage they currently are.

While the superiority of feather shuttles is partly true, nylon shuttlecocks could prove to be more advantageous in some cases. Players therefore must carefully analyse the situation before purchasing their shuttles.

In addition to that, due to the availability of many shuttlecock brands in the market and physical factors related to a good cork, it can be extremely tricky to know which one is the most suitable for you.

Since shuttlecocks are a recurring expenditure, one must be well informed on the matter. In this section, we will discuss some of the best badminton shuttles and highlight some of their defining features to ease your purchase dilemma.


Our Top Favourite Shuttlecock Brands

Yonex Mavis 2000 are tournament-fit nylon shuttles, with excellent balance and fast speed. It’s highly recommended for beginner and intermediate players.

Yonex Mavis 300 has the feel of a feather shuttlecock but with greater durability. It provides great value for extremely reasonable price.

Ohuhu LED Badminton Shuttlecocks are feather shuttlecocks, best used for professional games. Its special glow in the dark technology aids outdoor performance.

Yonex AS-20 Shuttlecocks- used by professionals, a solid cork and tight knitted feathers that ensure accurate speed and maintains stable performance.

Reviews of the Best Shuttlecock Brands

Yonex Mavis 2000


The Yonex Mavis 2000 are a high grade tournament shuttles. In comparison to normal plastic shuttles, it has a fast recovery time, meaning the shuttle stabilizes very quickly upon being hit, a rare quality among plastic birdies.

These corks have a colour option, where you can choose yellow/white. Many customers are pleased to have opted for the yellow shuttles, commending at its improved visibility during flight.

This, in combination with its impressive stability, also improves accuracy of shots.

The Yonex Mavis 2000 birdies have the closest features of a feather cork, and are comparatively more durable since it’s made of synthetic plastic, while its special wing rib structure strengthens the birdie, delaying wear-off.

They are useful for practice sessions and best suited for medium length courts as their flying speed is moderately fast.

On the downside, some reviews pointed out issues with the cork head coming off too soon during powerful smash game. Since the birdies are quite light in weight, it might be better suited for indoor matches or backyards where there’s minimum wind interference.


  • Balance
  • Fast Recovery time
  • Visibility
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Reasonable Price



  • Only Suitable for Indoor Courts
  • Weak Cork


Yonex Mavis 300

From practice sessions to professional play, these shuttles can do it all.

Manufactured to perfect precision with consistent peak and drop, these shuttles resemble all the features of feather shuttlecocks.

It has medium speed and excellent recovery time. It also generates high aerodynamic drag and steep flight trajectory. This aids in projectile net shots and powerful smashing games.

The product provides options in colours, so players can opt for yellow shuttles for improved visibility.

Customers are pleased with its durability as reviews suggest the cork heads last longer than other nylon shuttles.

The shuttle is best played in an indoor court with minimum breeze- a common disadvantage like other plastic shuttles.


  • Consistent Peak and Drop
  • Feel of a feather Shuttlecock
  • Fast recovery time
  • Good flight trajectory
  • Options for colours
  • Durability
  • Suitable for smashers


  • Only suitable for indoor courts



Ohuhu LED Badminton Shuttlecock

If you’ve got the money to spend, these are premium quality shuttlecocks, useful for all stages of players, starting from amateurs to professionals.

To the delight of traditional players, these shuttles are made of goose feathers, the highest quality of material considered for shuttlecocks.

Its cork ball head doesn’t is strong and doesn’t wear off easily and has a solid feel when hit.

The feather shuttles are very stable and don’t wobble much upon being hit.

It’s fairly simple technology allows for LED lights to be controlled with a touch a switch at the back of the cork head. The LED is pretty durable and doesn’t come off during power smash plays.

The LED lights come in many colours according to your wishes.

The feather cork being lightweight facilitates ease of handling and provides great bounce.

The durability seems to be a concerning factor as the feathers seem to come off with the progress of time.


  • Stable
  • Solid feel
  • Good flight speed
  • Multicolour LED light
  • One touch Activation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Feather Shuttlecock


  • Less durability
  • Slightly Expensive

Yonex AS-20 Shuttlecocks


These shuttlecocks are suited for indoor and outdoor courts both.

Compared to other feather shuttlecocks, these are weighted just right, not too lightweight to be easily deferred by breeze.

These shuttles recover fairly quickly and therefore smash more powerfully.

The solid cork head gives a solid feeling upon hit.

The distinguishing feature of this brand is that the speed can be customised by angling the feather tails.

In spite of having a great bounce and amazing stability, these shuttlecocks won’t last more than one match if players are engaging in powerful aggressive matches. Due to its slightly steep price, using these shuttles aren’t recommended for regular practice sessions.


  • Stable
  • Solid cork ball head
  • Variable speed
  • Great bounce
  • Good for power smashes
  • Flies Straight


  • Poor Durability
  • Quite Expensive


Factors to Consider when choosing the Best Shuttlecock Brand for yourself

Plastic or Feather?

Your stageIf you are an intermediate player, you might want to opt for plastic shuttles. They are cost effective in the long run. Since they don’t have feathers that wear off, it’s much more durable.

Cost EffectivenessThe plastic shuttles are much cheaper than regular feather shuttlecocks. So it’s easier to replace and buy more of these birdies during your practice sessions.


In badminton, speed refers to the distance travelled by the shuttle upon being hit with a standard force. Further=Faster.

But speed is related to many factors such as climate (humidity and temperature), air resistance and altitude. Therefore, careful considerations of the atmosphere around your court must be made before choosing the best shuttlecock for yourself.

A shuttlecock which is good in Malaysia may not be good for use in Alaska because of the stunning difference in the climate.

Here’s a chart to guide you:

Slow speed – high altitude areas

Medium and slow speeds- Sea level and hotter regions

Medium and fast speeds – Sea level and colder regions

Fast Speeds- Colder regions that are below sea-level



Unlike synthetic shuttlecocks which can be easily cleaned using a wet wipe, a feather shuttle takes more careful maintenance and care. A feather shuttlecock would shed feathers too easily if it is allowed to become too dry or brittle.

To prolong the life of any feather shuttlecocks, it is paramount to keep it moisturised from time to time without getting it into contact with actual water.

Here’s a pro-tip: keep your shuttlecocks in your washroom where steam from hot showers can help humidify the shuttlecock feathers.


Our top pick for the best shuttlecock brand is the Yonex Mavis 300 for its exceptional durability, fast recovery time and impressive flight trajectory.

We especially like this brand because within reasonable price, it gives the feel of a professional feather shuttlecock that can be used by players of all stages.

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