Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Our Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton is one of the most recognised brands in the market and is sponsored by many top players across the globe. Carlton is usually recommended for players starting from intermediate level to advanced players especially. In this section, we’ll be going through some in-depth Carlton badminton racquet reviews to see which of their racquets is most suited to the intermediate and advanced players!

Carlton specializes in premium quality racquets, featuring latest technologies and high quality materials to produce racquets suited to meet your specific needs and demands.

Their racquets have a first-class look and feel to it. Obviously the graphics of a racquet may not improve your game but is always aesthetically pleasing in the spirit of a game.

Carlton racquets are a little on the pricier range, so a careful study must be made before purchasing one.

Here’s a review of some of the best Carlton badminton racquets if you’re looking for a good investment in the long run.

Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite- The lightweight racquet feels like an extension of your arm in the court. It’s the first head-light racquet to offer advantage even on the offensive plays.

Carlton Vapour Trail Elite- For advanced players seeking incredibly sharp response and unrivalled power, this racquet is simply a beast.

Carlton Kinesis X90- Maximise your true power potential without losing control of your shuttle. This is a racquet suites for all types of players and their playing styles.

Carlton Air Rage- Suitable for both doubles and single play, the head-light balanced racquet is a great choice for both defensive and offensive play.

Detailed Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite

The Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite is a lightweight racquet with an incredible aero-dynamic frame, weighing about 85g. Its head-light mechanism works extremely well at defence when blocking shots with the shortest reaction time in a fast-paced match.

The string bed allows a maximum of 28 lbs tension. The high string tension combined with the hi-flex shaft provides for fast smash speed and a solid explosion of energy upon hitting the shuttle, improving your offensive shots.

The Torsional Control system keeps the racquet stable during shots and drives. Ideal for playing doubles as well as singles.

The optimetric head shape is a fusion of the oval and isometric shape which allows faster racquet head speed and eases wrist-shots.

A little compromised on the control due to the extra stiff flex of the shaft, the racquet may not be very suitable for deceptive stroke plays.


ü  Extremely lightweight

ü  High tension String

ü  Solid-hit feel

ü  Speed

ü  Stability


·         Less Control

·         Not ideal for deceptive strokes


Carlton Vapour Trail Elite

The Vapour Trail Elite is a perfect smash weapon if you like to hit aggressively. This attack style racquet is meant for advanced offensive players who like playing at the baseline.

The racquet features an optimetric head which improves accuracy during off-centred hits due to its enlarged sweet spot. This dynamic also offers more power and better control and air speed.

The extra –stiff, head heavy racquet enables faster reaction time while putting more power behind smashes.

The racquet is a touch shorter than usual racquet sizes for easier handling, while the light cap promotes stability.

The string bed comes with a high string tension of maximum 28lbs. This means very high repulsion force. So its best suited for advanced players who have already mastered target precision and don’t rely on racquet for control.


ü  High power

ü  Accuracy

ü  Good swing speed

ü  Ease of handling

ü  High repulsion force

ü  Stability


·         Less control

·         Most suitable for advanced players



Carlton Kinesis X90

Unleash true power with the brand new Carlton Kinesis X90.

The particular racquet was designed to reduce drag and increase head speed and manoeuvrability.

Its Micro Grommets technology and Circometric head holds the strings firmly in place which increases accuracy of shots and gives better control, while the latter delivers more force behind smashes when contact is made in the concentrated sweet spot. This provides for additional swing speed as well.

The Japanese HM carbon achieves stability factor and the Xtreme Tension frame withholds 11% more string tension compared to many conventional racquets in the market.

The ultra light cap and Vortex geometry makes for a very lightweight racquet. This gives players ease of movement with little effort.

On the downside, the high tension strings could snap if exposed to prolonged aggressive attacks during matches.


ü  Reduced air drag

ü  Manoeuvrability

ü  Head speed

ü  Power

ü  Control

ü  Stability

ü  Lightweight


·         Less durability

·         Smaller sweet spot


Carlton Air Rage

The Carlton Air Rage, as the name suggest is an incredibly fast racquet with great power behind its smashes.

The medium flex of the shaft provides good control over swing speed while the head-light provides a faster head speed which is good for defence play.

The high tension string bed provides incredible repulsive force on shuttles and also gives a solid hitting feel and a satisfying smashing sound upon impact.

Its aero slim frame and Japanese high modulus carbon material makes for a lightweight racquet which eases manoeuvrability and reduces air drag.

The isometric head shape of the racquet gives an enlarged sweet spot, ideal for players struggling with target precision.

The shaft being a little on the longer range, compromises the control factor, which could prove to be disadvantageous especially during net plays.


ü  Ideal for offensive and defensive play

ü  Adjustable swing speed

ü  Faster response

ü  Good repulsion

ü  Lightweight

ü  Manoeuvrability

ü  Accuracy


·         Lacks control

·         Not suitable for net play

Some Pointers While Purchasing – Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton Badminton Racquets being a little on the steeper price range, one must fully understand the specifications of these racquets, since they are engineered to meet certain specific needs.

Badminton players are quick on using terms that may seem quite unfamiliar to you. Instead of making educated guesses, here are some basic definitions of widely used terms in the world of badminton:

·         Control– The ability to execute a shot as per one’s wishes. The person may vary the direction and swing speed according to their will if a racquet has good control.

·         Doubles- Matches where teams of two players play against each other.

·         Baseline- The rear boundary line at each end of the court. This line sits parallel to the net. Baseline players usually require high power racquets.

·         Net shot- A shot hit from the forecourt that travels a short projectile, clearing right past the net and dropping sharply afterwards.

·         Smash- A hard-hit overhead shot which lands the shuttle sharply downwards into the opponent’s court.

·         Drive – A fast-paced and low shot that travels horizontally over the net.

·         Flex: Flexibility of the shaft is an important key factor while choosing a racquet. A more explosive swing player would benefit more from a stiffer shaft as it offers better control and power. A slower swing player, such as those who play recreationally, or the straight-forward defense, will benefit more from a flexible shaft.


Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews- Conclusion

In our article of the Carlton Badminton Racquet Review, Carlton Kinesis X90 is our best pick.

We particularly like this racquet because of its explosive powerful smashes and excellent control, which is a rare find in one single brand. The racquet is also very stable which could easily tip the game in your favour!



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