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Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing!

If you’ve been playing badminton for a while now, you’d start to become conscious of your preference when it comes to a certain style of play. There are 3 basic patterns players usually follow: the fast and aggressive style, the quick and deceptive style and finally the straight-forward defence style.

If attacking is your forte in the field, here’s a buying guide to help you choose the best badminton racquet for smashing.

It’s hard to know which one is right for you since there are many factors related to what makes a badminton racquet good for power smashes. The major manufacturers in the market each have quite a few models with such complex yet similar specifications that it’s often difficult to tell how one differs from the next.

In this section, we will discuss the right combination of features best suited for badminton racquets for smashing and talk about how important they are in terms of overall performance.

A good powerful racquet can get expensive, so you need to be well informed on the matter before you make a decision.

Here are our best picks for Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing


·Yonex Duora Z Strike- Offensive racquet especially made to boost power. A definitely good choice for single players and net shots. The racquet comes in both, custom-stringed or unstrung as per your choice.


·Yonex Voltric 2017- Its tri-voltage system gives maximum energy transfer and ease of handling. It comes pre-strung with good high-tension strings.


· Yonex Voltric Z Force II – is a POWER racquet. It’s rigid and features an exclusive thin shaft that generates massive power. This type of racquet is for the rear-end players who seeks for maximum power in their game.


·  Yonex Nanoray 70 DX- Gives you the feel of a professional with being overtly pricey. Suited for advanced players, this racquet can hold very high string tension, up to 30lbs which could deliver very powerful shots.

Reviews of the Best Badminton Racquets for Smashing

Yonex Duora Z Strike

The Yonex Duora Z Strike a brand new release in the market. Its backhand shape gives a sharp and more responsive feel and on the forehand, it features a box frame which gives a solid feel and more power.


The racquet shaft is very thin giving you stiffer flex, which increases repulsion manoeuvrability on the speed shots and quick response on the defence ideal for net shots and tap kills. It has the power of the smash and control of the racquet.

Players can feel the whip from the aero-dynamic frame which greatly reduces air resistance and power from high string tension serves powerful shots. It’s highly recommended for advanced level aggressive backhand players.


The balance point is tipped towards head-heavy, so players will get maximum power with less physical strength. So if you are playing long hours, there will be less duress on your shoulders and wrist.


The only downside is the high string tension greatly decreases durability since excessive strength may cause the strings to break on repeated powerful shots.



ü  Power

ü  Good Repulsion

ü  Quick response

ü  Less physical fatigue

ü  Good string tension


Ø  Less Durability


Yonex Voltric 2017

The Yonex Voltric 2017 is the newest release in the Voltric series having a weight of about 83-85 grams and its balance point leaning towards the head for generating powerful smashes. It comes with a full length cover as well.


Usually, the extra weight of a head heavy racquet frame increases power while reducing manoeuvrability or control from the player. In contrast, a head-light racquet frame increases speed but reduces power. Yonex Voltric 2017 solves this dilemma using their new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM that successfully fuses these opposing characteristics to bring about exceptional power and control.


The TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM positions the Tungsten strings at a 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock in the frame joining at the T-Joint area. The thin Tungsten frame provides density that is 10 times more than graphite, which makes the racquet more aero-dynamic. This makes for very powerful smashes with greater speed.


While the string tension is good (Pre-strung with Yonex BG80 at 25 lbs), the flex of the shaft is medium. This reduces repulsive power of the racquet.


A few customers felt the grip was too thin. Some over-grip purchases may be required which will add extra costs to the already steep price of the racquet.





ü  Power

ü  Speed

ü  Aero-dynamic

ü  Full length cover

ü  Manoeuvrability



Ø  Less repulsive power

Ø  Thin Grip

Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Although a little on the pricey range, the Yonex Voltric z force II is surely a power packed compact beast. The racquet can handle high string tension if you want to get it. The balance of this racquet is heavy head balance which naturally builds for power and efficient energy transfer from your wrist to the shuttle.

With minimal swing, the racquet can serve high and back. For aggressive players this is an incredible advantage, since the opponent won’t be expecting the power packed punch from such a minimal swing. Players can now adopt a hybrid playing style: Deceptive and Aggressive.

The shuttle travels the full length of the court with ease, definitely a good news for those of you who play along the baseline in doubles.

The racquet absorbs shock and impacts very well. A lot of customers were very delighted to feel no vibration discomforts whatsoever.
The improved TRI-VOLTAGE technology makes the shaft extra thin and enhances the mobility of a player by decreasing air-resistance, thus offering easy handling.

Even though the extra stiff flex of the racquet gives excellent repulsive force during serves, one must have decent wrist speed to extract flex from this extra-stiff racquet.


ü  Power

ü  Can handle high tension

ü  Deceptive capabilities

ü  Quick response

ü  Shock absorption

ü  Manoeuvrability




Ø  Expensive

Ø  Requires skilled wrist movements


Yonex Nanoray 70 DX

Unlike the other racquets, which are meant for the more advanced players, this is ideal for intermediate players as well.


The racquet head features an isometric shape, which means increased sweet spot. So anyone developing their target precision now has a better chance with accurate shots.


The aero-frame reduces friction and increases speed, aiding quicker swings.


The flex is stiff, meaning it generates good power when smashing, especially during net plays and drop shots.


The built-in T-joint, that connects the shaft with the head gives the racquet a solid feel during hits and enables it to be extra sturdy and stiff. This is a great advantage for offensive players.


The nanomesh and carbon-nanotube ensures that the badminton racquet remains exceptionally light, without sacrificing to either sturdiness or stiffness.


Since the racquet is head-light, players would need to assert more strength in their swings for maximum energy transfer onto their shuttle which could be physically taxing when playing long hours or singles.


ü  Increased sweet spot

ü  Quick response

ü  Stiff flex

ü  Lightweight

ü  Good shock absorber




Ø  Need to apply more physical strength

Ø  Not ideal for playing singles.


What are some important features of a powerful racquet?

Well, everything almost. But let’s start with:

Racquet Head Weight: The Head is the main part of a racquet. It holds the string bed. Racquet Head weight is a critical parameter. A head heavy racquet will produce more powerful shots. It will hit hard and is much better on comfort rallying without much effort, but at the same time it will be difficult to move racquet fast.


Racquet Head material also plays a crucial role in overall performance of badminton player. Racquet heads made of hard and brittle materials will become stiffer which results in more repulsion but less control, since it will not allow the shuttle to flex on string bed for long. As a concluding remark, this will work out well for a more advanced player who isn’t facing much trouble with target precision and favours hard thrusts.


Badminton String: Racquet sting is the most important element of Badminton racquet.  For powerful smashing, players should look for string beds that will allow maximum energy transfer.


Badminton String endorses properties like repulsion power, Shock Abortion, Shuttle speed, control, accuracy and smash power. An aggressive player should look for more repulsion power to enable the shuttle to be released form string bed more quickly which results into quicker response.


For good smashing, players should also look for thinner strings with a higher tension, for example Yonex BG66 which will provide more force with less effort on your part. Racquet heads with thick strings and lower tension will reduce the repulsion power since force will be spread over a wider area.


Racquet Handle and Shaft: Aggressive smashers generally like stiff shaft since they require fast shot delivery. A stiffer shaft will give extra repulsion power which results into fast shuttle release from string Bed. On the contrary, a more flexible Racquet shaft will give you better control on shuttle and improve accuracy.


Unless you’re a novice, a stiffer racquet will prove to be more useful if accuracy isn’t a big issue during target hitting.


Our best pick of this review would be, Yonex Duora Z Strike as the best badminton racquet for smashing. We especially like this because of its exceptional power transference, quick response and good string tension. It is a great choice for all offensive players out there!


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Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Our Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton is one of the most recognised brands in the market and is sponsored by many top players across the globe. Carlton is usually recommended for players starting from intermediate level to advanced players especially. In this section, we’ll be going through some in-depth Carlton badminton racquet reviews to see which of their racquets is most suited to the intermediate and advanced players!

Carlton specializes in premium quality racquets, featuring latest technologies and high quality materials to produce racquets suited to meet your specific needs and demands.

Their racquets have a first-class look and feel to it. Obviously the graphics of a racquet may not improve your game but is always aesthetically pleasing in the spirit of a game.

Carlton racquets are a little on the pricier range, so a careful study must be made before purchasing one.

Here’s a review of some of the best Carlton badminton racquets if you’re looking for a good investment in the long run.

Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite- The lightweight racquet feels like an extension of your arm in the court. It’s the first head-light racquet to offer advantage even on the offensive plays.

Carlton Vapour Trail Elite- For advanced players seeking incredibly sharp response and unrivalled power, this racquet is simply a beast.

Carlton Kinesis X90- Maximise your true power potential without losing control of your shuttle. This is a racquet suites for all types of players and their playing styles.

Carlton Air Rage- Suitable for both doubles and single play, the head-light balanced racquet is a great choice for both defensive and offensive play.

Detailed Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite

The Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite is a lightweight racquet with an incredible aero-dynamic frame, weighing about 85g. Its head-light mechanism works extremely well at defence when blocking shots with the shortest reaction time in a fast-paced match.

The string bed allows a maximum of 28 lbs tension. The high string tension combined with the hi-flex shaft provides for fast smash speed and a solid explosion of energy upon hitting the shuttle, improving your offensive shots.

The Torsional Control system keeps the racquet stable during shots and drives. Ideal for playing doubles as well as singles.

The optimetric head shape is a fusion of the oval and isometric shape which allows faster racquet head speed and eases wrist-shots.

A little compromised on the control due to the extra stiff flex of the shaft, the racquet may not be very suitable for deceptive stroke plays.


ü  Extremely lightweight

ü  High tension String

ü  Solid-hit feel

ü  Speed

ü  Stability


·         Less Control

·         Not ideal for deceptive strokes


Carlton Vapour Trail Elite

The Vapour Trail Elite is a perfect smash weapon if you like to hit aggressively. This attack style racquet is meant for advanced offensive players who like playing at the baseline.

The racquet features an optimetric head which improves accuracy during off-centred hits due to its enlarged sweet spot. This dynamic also offers more power and better control and air speed.

The extra –stiff, head heavy racquet enables faster reaction time while putting more power behind smashes.

The racquet is a touch shorter than usual racquet sizes for easier handling, while the light cap promotes stability.

The string bed comes with a high string tension of maximum 28lbs. This means very high repulsion force. So its best suited for advanced players who have already mastered target precision and don’t rely on racquet for control.


ü  High power

ü  Accuracy

ü  Good swing speed

ü  Ease of handling

ü  High repulsion force

ü  Stability


·         Less control

·         Most suitable for advanced players



Carlton Kinesis X90

Unleash true power with the brand new Carlton Kinesis X90.

The particular racquet was designed to reduce drag and increase head speed and manoeuvrability.

Its Micro Grommets technology and Circometric head holds the strings firmly in place which increases accuracy of shots and gives better control, while the latter delivers more force behind smashes when contact is made in the concentrated sweet spot. This provides for additional swing speed as well.

The Japanese HM carbon achieves stability factor and the Xtreme Tension frame withholds 11% more string tension compared to many conventional racquets in the market.

The ultra light cap and Vortex geometry makes for a very lightweight racquet. This gives players ease of movement with little effort.

On the downside, the high tension strings could snap if exposed to prolonged aggressive attacks during matches.


ü  Reduced air drag

ü  Manoeuvrability

ü  Head speed

ü  Power

ü  Control

ü  Stability

ü  Lightweight


·         Less durability

·         Smaller sweet spot


Carlton Air Rage

The Carlton Air Rage, as the name suggest is an incredibly fast racquet with great power behind its smashes.

The medium flex of the shaft provides good control over swing speed while the head-light provides a faster head speed which is good for defence play.

The high tension string bed provides incredible repulsive force on shuttles and also gives a solid hitting feel and a satisfying smashing sound upon impact.

Its aero slim frame and Japanese high modulus carbon material makes for a lightweight racquet which eases manoeuvrability and reduces air drag.

The isometric head shape of the racquet gives an enlarged sweet spot, ideal for players struggling with target precision.

The shaft being a little on the longer range, compromises the control factor, which could prove to be disadvantageous especially during net plays.


ü  Ideal for offensive and defensive play

ü  Adjustable swing speed

ü  Faster response

ü  Good repulsion

ü  Lightweight

ü  Manoeuvrability

ü  Accuracy


·         Lacks control

·         Not suitable for net play

Some Pointers While Purchasing – Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews

Carlton Badminton Racquets being a little on the steeper price range, one must fully understand the specifications of these racquets, since they are engineered to meet certain specific needs.

Badminton players are quick on using terms that may seem quite unfamiliar to you. Instead of making educated guesses, here are some basic definitions of widely used terms in the world of badminton:

·         Control– The ability to execute a shot as per one’s wishes. The person may vary the direction and swing speed according to their will if a racquet has good control.

·         Doubles- Matches where teams of two players play against each other.

·         Baseline- The rear boundary line at each end of the court. This line sits parallel to the net. Baseline players usually require high power racquets.

·         Net shot- A shot hit from the forecourt that travels a short projectile, clearing right past the net and dropping sharply afterwards.

·         Smash- A hard-hit overhead shot which lands the shuttle sharply downwards into the opponent’s court.

·         Drive – A fast-paced and low shot that travels horizontally over the net.

·         Flex: Flexibility of the shaft is an important key factor while choosing a racquet. A more explosive swing player would benefit more from a stiffer shaft as it offers better control and power. A slower swing player, such as those who play recreationally, or the straight-forward defense, will benefit more from a flexible shaft.


Carlton Badminton Racquet Reviews- Conclusion

In our article of the Carlton Badminton Racquet Review, Carlton Kinesis X90 is our best pick.

We particularly like this racquet because of its explosive powerful smashes and excellent control, which is a rare find in one single brand. The racquet is also very stable which could easily tip the game in your favour!



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5 Best Badminton Rackets for 2017 – Our Top Picks

Buying a badminton racket is like buying your first car in a lot of ways. There are a lot of things to consider like shape i.e a Round faced or a Square faced racket, tension of the strings, flexibility of the shaft and the overall weight of the racket. Much like the test drive matters in the making or breaking of a car deal, the feel of the racket matters just as much in the hands of the player when he holds it the first time. It is evident that badminton connoisseurs won’t have much difficulty in weighing out all the aspects which make the best badminton racket for them. But, an intermediate player who doesn’t have much knowledge will probably be flustered when it comes to picking one.

This article will walk you through the nitty-gritty of choosing the appropriate badminton racket for you. Also, we’ll show you our picks as the best badminton rackets for 2017.­

The Best Badminton Rackets for 2017

Here is a list of this year’s most successful badminton rackets. The list has been compiled based on our quality assessment of these rackets as well as their reviews.

  1. Yonex Nanoray Z($50-75$)

The Yonex Nanoray Z takes precedence over the others on account of its impeccable smashes. This racket holds the Guiness World Record for fastest smash at 493Km/hr.

This racket was made by state of the art Nano-technology which gave it its incredibly light Graphite body and shaft. It is head-light and has a stiff shaft which allows for incredible delivery of power. It has been made aerodynamic so that it allows quick swings and faster reaction times.

  1. Yonex Arcsaber 002 Badminton Racket ($75-$230)

The Yonex Arcsaber 002 has been designed for those players that require great control over the shuttle. Using its thin and flexible graphite shaft it is able to store up energy in its Square shaped head to provide the maximum accuracy for acute angle shots. It has a much larger hitting area than the standard round faced racket and weighs about 83g(4U). It allows immense maneuverability and impeccable control.

It has been used by top notch players like Viktor Axelsen and Marc Zweibler.

  1. Yonex Voltric 7 ($120-$140)

The Yonex Voltric 7 weighs about 89g(3U) with a G4 grip. The racket is entirely made of carbon fibre making it highly durable. This allows the racket to sustain high tensions of strings which allow efficient clearance and powerful smashes. This head-heavy racket has been designed to be aero-dynamic thus making its swing speed better than other head-heavy rackets.

  1. Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket ($189-$239)

This head-heavy racket comes with multiple grip sizes of G4 and G5 with weight 3U and 2U respectively. The Duora 10 has been designed with an Isometric shape with tense wires which allows it to give maximum repulsion. Thus, this racket is most suited to players who have a strong backhand.

  1. Victor Brave Sword ($75-$85)
    This head-heavy racket has been made of graphite and resin. It comes with in two different weights 3U and 4U with the grip configuration G5. It has high tension strings which allow greater smash power. The stiff shaft has been made slim(7.0mm) to provide better feel. This racket is great for offense.

It has been used by notable like players like Lee Yong Dae (South Korea) and Yoo Yeon Seong (South Korea).

Reviews of The Best Badminton Rackets

Given below are the analyses for our top 3 picks for this year. These analyses are an amalgamation of user reviews and our expert analysis.

  1. Yonex Nanoray Z

The Yonex Nanoray stands out on account of its incredible capacity for delivering powerful strokes. It has been competitively priced and offers greater control than other rackets which are far more expensive. Another impressive feat about the Nanoray Z is that it has been engineered using Nano-technology which is the reason for its remarkably light body. Thus, it secures the first place in our round up of the best badminton rackets for 2017.

The Nanoray Z bodes well in the amazon review section as well. As, Austin Barnes recommends it to everyone in the amazon review section because of its lightness and gave it 5 stars along with several other reviewers.

In short, this is what we thought about this product.

  • Fairly priced
  • Extremely light-easy to handle
  • Delivers excellent smashes
  • Durable


  1. Yonex Arcsaber 002

The Arcsaber takes the second place because of its large sweet spot, which allows direct offense for close net shots. The Arcsaber is flexible and thus allows for great control and placement. It has been priced a little towards the pricy end but it is worth every penny as there is no other racket that provides as much balance as the Arcsaber does. It comes in a variety of colors so it takes edge on other rackets on that end.

The Arcsaber major Arcsaber reviews on Amazon primarily commend it on being durable but VS says that the Arcsaber is even better than the Nanoray in terms of balance.

The bullet list below sums it all up.

  • Great balance
  • Impeccable precision and shot placement
  • A little too pricy
  • Comes in three colors- which allows personalization
  1. Yonex Voltric 7

The Voltric 7 tends to be on the heavy side. In the league of heavy-head rackets Voltric 7 is a prominent name as its unique carbon fibre body is capable of supporting extremely tight strung strings. So, its smash delivery is spot on. The shaft on account of having reasonable flex will certainly suit club players. The Voltric 7 has been reasonably priced.

It has average to excellent reviews on amazon with the majority of them being good. But, according to Ishan Butt, Voltric 7 is well suited to aggressive, intermediate level badminton players. According to him, the head is just the right amount of heavy to deal good smashes as well as a good defense.

Here’s the summary.


  • Best Racket for intermediate players
  • Appropriately priced
  • Great tension in the strings
  • Lacks control and balance

Choosing the Best Badminton Racket

It should be noted here that there is no such thing as the ideal badminton racket. The ideal racket varies from player to player depending upon the player’s position of play and the format of the game (Singles or Doubles).

The position preference and playing style of a player cause variation in the combination of weight, flexibility, control and power of a racket.

Choosing the right Weight:

The weight of a badminton racket is generally characterized into 3-4 categories starting with 2U(90-94g) as the heaviest and 5U(75-79g) as the lightest. 3Us and 2Us are commonly seen in sports stores.

Heavier rackets deliver more power i.e they provide greater momentum to the shuttle. Heavy rackets are great for defensive because they allow you to make backhand shots with greater ease. Thus, heavy rackets are a decent match for players who like to play at the back of the court with a decent room for making strong smashes. However, heavy rackets lack agility as their limited reaction speed becomes obvious in mid-court shots where early clearance is needed.

Lighter rackets have the obvious advantage of ease of handling. They allow you to have diversity in your shots. You can make more powerful smashes with high precision in placement with them as lighter rackets have low reaction times. However, the light rackets struggle at clearing the shuttle as efficiently as the heavy rackets as extra effort has to be put in to make backhand clearances. But, lighter rackets are a good pick for those who wish to play in a double’s formation as they allow great maneuverability which allows a prudent defense. Light rackets would also serve as the best pick for intermediate badminton players looking to climb up the proficiency ladder.

Choosing between Control and Power:

Badmintons can be divided into three types with respect to their balance between power and control.


  • Head-Light

Head light rackets are those which are heavier towards the grip of the racket. A racket of this type will allow greater Control. It is deemed efficient for playing shots nearer the net as well as shots which are thrown at the back of the court as head-light rackets provide high swing speeds and require high use of technique by the player. These rackets lack power.

  • Head-Heavy

Head-heavy rackets are heavier towards the head of the racket without considering the weight of the strings or the grip. These rackets provide high power and thus they’re idea for producing lengthy shots. These rackets should be chosen by more experienced players. However, they lack control.

  • Even Balance

Even balance rackets are for those who want to have the best of both worlds. They provide a balance between control and power thus they’re more suited to novice players who have not yet found their place in the court. These rackets provide reasonable control and power and thus allow the player to play at the back as well as the front of the court.


Choosing the right amount of Flexibility:

The badminton shaft can either be flexible or stiff. A flexible shaft is a good choice for beginners generally since they offer good defense and allow a variety of strokes with the racket. But, the shots they make might not be as accurate as stiff shafts. However, stiff shafts make excellent placement and they’re ideal for making deadly close-net shots. You can make deceptive shots with stiff shafts as well however, they require very strong swings and the wrists have to bear immense load.



Choosing the right racket requires a certain amount of knowledge about the properties which make up a good racket. It is evident from the article, that the best badminton racket would maintain a balance between flexibility, power, control and weight. The grip and the tension in the strings may vary from person to person.

From our round up, the Nanoray Z takes the title of the best badminton racket for 2017. It is light weight which allows control but it also delivers power because of its stiff shaft and Isometric face. Thus, it creates a decent balance between control, power while providing maneuverability by keeping the body light.

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